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Woodshop Class Descriptions

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6th Grade Woodshop

7th Grade Woodshop

8th Grade Woodshop

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Woodshop Videos

Kuhn's Woodshop Website

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The Day I Met Norm

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Woodshop Course Description

When walking into my classroom, you will see students actively engaged as they enhance and refine the development of their motor skills. You will see a teacher interacting with his students and loving what he is doing. You will see students building their confidence, paying attention to detail, and having the ability to follow plans. Their progress is rewarded by the transformation of a simple piece of wood into a beautiful project.

My students learn about shop organization, tools, safety, and project construction. At any given time you will see students gluing up projects, working at the workbench sanding, using hand tools, and using power machines. I will be demonstrating the different types of hand tools, small power tools, power machines, and the safety that goes along with those tools. Quality of work and safety are the most important skills learned in the class.

Interest, imagination, and perseverance are the essential ingredients needed for this course. In return, the students feel pride, confidence, and achievement.


Kuhnster Productions

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