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Lunchtime Sports

Lunchtime Intramural Sports with Mr. Main, Mr. Hair, Mr. Silva, Mr. Calkins, and Ms. Vanderwal

 Intramural sports is a fun and competitive lunch time experience.  Students create teams of their choosing to complete across four different sports: Ultimate Frisbee, 3 v 3 Basketball , Flag Football, and Soccer. Our goal is a fun environment where kids can show great sportsmanship while demonstrating their athletic talents.  After Winter Break we are playing Flag Football and Soccer. The winning teams will be able to play other middle schools from our district.  Our next sport is Ultimate Frisbee.  Also a huge thanks to Mr. Hair, Mr. Main, Mr. Silva, Mr. Calkins, and Ms. Vanderwal for giving up their lunch time to help run the Intramural program.