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Mission Viejo Library E-Books

Need information for a science or history report?  Want access to electronic books for check-out?  Check out the online resources available to students through the Mission Viejo Library!  All you need is a library card to access the information.  Go to the Mission Viejo Library website at .  At the home page select the RESEARCH IT dropdown menu.  Then click ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (ARTICLES AND MORE).  On the ELECTRONIC RESOURCES page, there is a list of subjects for the library online resources.  These can be sorted alphabetically for easy use.  Once you select the database you want, click past the City of Mission Viejo disclaimer, and you will be asked to enter your Mission Viejo Library card number.  If you don't have a card, you can sign up online!

6th Grade English Teachers
Lisa Ablett Teacher
Jennifer Grace Teacher
Mrs. Orlando Teacher
Mrs. Reardon Teacher
Miss Sartoris Teacher
Mrs. Siplivy Teacher
7th Grade English Teachers
Ms. Besseling Teacher
Ms. Branning Teacher
Tracy Middleton Teacher
Mrs. Siplivy Teacher
8th Grade English Teachers
Mrs. Japlit Teacher
Mr. Neighbors Teacher
Miss Sartoris Teacher
Mrs. Wendehost Teacher

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