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Principal's Message

A message from our principal- MrS. Murphine


Dear Newhart Parents,


It is my pleasure and honor to join the Newhart Middle School community as your newly appointed Principal. I have worked for Capistrano Unified School District for the past twenty-five years in various capacities; as a middle school teacher, English Language Development advisor, Title I coordinator, grant coordinator, teacher-on-special-assignment, and middle school assistant principal. For the past four years, I have been an assistant principal at San Clemente High School. Through my experience at the high school level, I broadened my skills, understanding, and vision in how to better prepare our middle school students for the transition, challenges, and expanded opportunities available at the high school level.

Every student has a story worth knowing and dreams worth sharing. Knowing students “by name and by need” is one of my guiding principles. As a first generation Spanish-speaking Mexican immigrant growing up in Huntington Beach, I was determined to learn English and go to college, while still maintaining my native language. My desire to help other immigrant youth, and their families, inspired me to become a bilingual teacher and later a college recruiter for Golden West College and the University of California, Irvine, ultimately leading me to CUSD.


Newhart Middle School offers a wide range of innovative programs and services that focus on student learning, working collaboratively, and producing results that benefit all students. I will strive to build on Newhart’s successes while refining areas based on input from students, staff, community, and you.


I look forward to working collaboratively with you to build a community of caring adults who work in partnership to cultivate a compassionate and academically rigorous school culture in which students learn, grow, and develop the strength of character to overcome obstacles while contributing to the future of their communities.


It is my sincere pleasure to join the Panther Family!


Yours truly,


Judith R. Murphine


Newhart Middle School

Mission Statement
Mission Statement